Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ultimate Love

Today I want to talk about my experience being a mother.. I never knew that one can have so much love to another being until I gave birth to my first son, Akid.

All the while before, I never liked kids.. especially babies. But when I held my first son on December 5th 2004 in my arms .. I immediately had that urgent sense I need to feed him with my milk.. so i did. It was amazing! I fed him exclusively for six months.. I quit my job and stayed at home until he was 9 months..

He grew really BIG!! I was adoring him like there was NO TOMORROW!! :P

I knew that raising him to be someone who is 'worthy' would be entirely in my hands..

I watch him grew from a baby to a toddler.. from crawling to walking.. from crying for milk to saying "Hello" on my handphone..

He is 5 this year.. I sent him for pre-school last January.. and now he can READ! I hope he will be the person I want him to be.. 'Worthy' in this world and beyond.. also a person that would know how much I LOVE and ADORE him as a Mother.. and become a Father himself one day and give the kind of love that I gave to him.. the Ultimate Love. Amin.

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