Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ultimate Love

Today I want to talk about my experience being a mother.. I never knew that one can have so much love to another being until I gave birth to my first son, Akid.

All the while before, I never liked kids.. especially babies. But when I held my first son on December 5th 2004 in my arms .. I immediately had that urgent sense I need to feed him with my milk.. so i did. It was amazing! I fed him exclusively for six months.. I quit my job and stayed at home until he was 9 months..

He grew really BIG!! I was adoring him like there was NO TOMORROW!! :P

I knew that raising him to be someone who is 'worthy' would be entirely in my hands..

I watch him grew from a baby to a toddler.. from crawling to walking.. from crying for milk to saying "Hello" on my handphone..

He is 5 this year.. I sent him for pre-school last January.. and now he can READ! I hope he will be the person I want him to be.. 'Worthy' in this world and beyond.. also a person that would know how much I LOVE and ADORE him as a Mother.. and become a Father himself one day and give the kind of love that I gave to him.. the Ultimate Love. Amin.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sex on their minds??

I read this article in NST about educating your children about sex.. The title of the article is 'SEX on their minds..'

I know.. It's such a TABOO word.. but hear me out.. Its a good article for parents.. especially after the case of a 12 year old fathering a baby!! I'm a parent too.. so I think i should know how to handle it when the time comes.. I have two boys.. and I bet when they grow older I'll be worried every time they are out from the house.. READ IT! VERY EDUCATIONAL. If you missed yesterday newspaper.. alternatively you can go to

via Internet connection ofcourse not by foot ya? haha

I'm keeping the cut out of the article in my wardrobe until my sons are 7..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

See NO Evil, Hear NO Evil, Speak NO Evil

I hope God helps and protects me.. as I want to See NO Evil, Hear NO Evil, Speak NO Evil and finally Do NO Evil. A'uzubillah himanash syaitan nirro'gim.. Amin.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Introducing the LOVE of my LIFE.. Akid & Abbas..


Monday, March 23, 2009

Too confident .. with encouragement.. but failed to impress

February 13, 2009
It was the last day of submission.. I had all the ideas in my head, but was too L to put it on paper.. or maybe I didn't think it was worth the try.. (true enough, it wasn't worth anything.. except for Free Movie Tickets) I told him the night before, he said it was a really good idea..  I was encouraged.. so I started typing away to enter the 'FLY CAMPAIGN' .. I wanted the 10 grand..  (bare with me.. the campaign proposal was really long.. I couldnt send it through the website.. so I copied it to word, printed it out and sent it by hand.. AND..  I didn't WIN or even got the chance to be the 5 finalist.. sigh..) Here it goes..

Your advertising campaign
1. To PROMOTE and CREATE AWARENESS to the mass public (target listeners young executives and budding teenagers) about who is the DJs of FLY FM, what is the FREQUENCY to tune in to, at their location and what are the SEGMENTS and PROGRAMS aired to the listeners and what are the REWARDS/PRIZES listeners can WIN by tuning in to FLY FM.
2. Also to promote FLY FM as a radio station that would make the listeners 'FLY LIKE AN ANGEL' when listening to FLYING MUSIC with HIGH FLYERS DJs on FLY FM and automatically become a a FLY ANGEL...
Tell us how are you going to execute it?
A. Mechanism :
FLY ANGELS : Cute, Beautiful and Handsome Guys and Girls (like me) and/or/together with DJs of FLY FM (if can get local artiste to join.. it will be cool!) wearing custom  made styrofoam wings shaped and colored exactly like the FLY FM LOGO, installed with mini stereo or speaker on each wing connected to a portable battery operated mini radio (the cheap one also can.. so long can air FLY FM  frequency) wearing the wing will be like putting on your school bag, the wing is approximately the size of a school bag horizontally and it will be very light in weight.
FLY ANGELS will ALSO be wearing a WHITE ANGEL RING on top of their HEAD which somehow will act as an ANTENNA to get better frequency, )of course..) or just a normal angel ring.. to represent an angel.
FLY ANGELS will also be dressed in white pants or skirts with a white T-Shirt saying 'I can Fly.. I'm A FLY ANGEL' with FLY FM's Logo on the sleeves and at the front of the t-shirt/baby tee and at the upper back of the t-shirt, the website and below it a list of frequency nationwide.

B. What will the FLY ANGELS do :
FLY ANGELS will distribute Leaflets/FLYERS on a SHAPE OF FLY FMs LOGO with content of information about FLY FMs FREQUENCY nationwide, SEGMENTS, PROGRAMS and DJs (PAGI SHOW Phat Phabes, Ben & Nadia : Alarm call, Fix It, Wake up your brain and End Bit and show Stopper, MUST HAVE MUSIC Hunny & Steve and the programs, RUSH HOUR Jules & Prem, NIGHTFLIGHT Hafiz & Basil, CAMPURCHART Hunny, etc.. Basically a paper version of your website..)

C. Why Compact info Leaflets/FLYERS?
No doubt FLY FM has the billboards ads, bus ads etc. But the new listeners need to be informed of how exciting the Radio Station is through these medium of information as mentioned above.

D. Where & hen will the FLY ANGELs be?
They will be stationed at Petrol Stations and/or the International Airport and/or KL Sentral and/or LRT/Monorail/KTMB Train stations or shopping malls nationwide.. on weekends for a month.. total weekends 4, it can be prolonged to cover the  whole nation.. also at Uni/Colleges nationwide (this location on a weekday)

Resources Needed :
1. A pair of jaw dropping FLY ANGEL's at EACH LOCATION paid RM 100.00- 200.00 per 8 hours shifts (2 shifts a day) - THIS CAN BE DISCUSSED FURTHER
2. Custom made FLY ANGEL WINGS of a shape of FLY FM's LOGO installed with mini stereo/speaker and connected to a mini radio (cost approximately RM50-RM 80 per pair)
3. Custom made t-shirts & baby-ts with "I CAN FLY, I'M A FLY ANGEL etc.. (cost approximately RM20)
4. Full color info leaflets or FLYERS shaped of FLY FM LOGO (cost approximately RM 0.25 per piece by 10,000 copies) 
5. Media invitations to the opening ceremony of the 'FLY FM, Fly Angels Flying to you' Campaign.
6. ME, Adura as the first FLY ANGEL!! hehe
7. Good throat conditions as FLY ANGELS will be shouting "I LOVE FLY FM" at the top oftheir LUNGS!!

Fuhhh... such a long proposal.. although after some cuts here and there.. After all those yapping up there.. what I have now, is just pictures of Jules & Prem working and me & the producer (keep on forgetting her name) on the day I sent the proposal by hand.. 

Thanks.. Su Ann

I'd like to thank my successor Su Ann Chong for introducing me to blogging.. She's a very nice girl.. bubbly.. like me.. a Leo.. like me.. Cute.. like me.. :P.  I would also like to congratulate her for getting hired in the school.. I wish you all the best.. I know you will do a good job.. 

A new start to something..

it's half past eleven a.m. I'm typing this to start something new.. Not 'that' new really.. new to me.. and I am new to you too.. so.. Hello.. My name is Adura.. call me Dura. I'm 28 this year and I don't know where my career is going.. it's really shitty actually.. but i try not to feel like that and make people around me feel like that. I guess its just the 'people pleaser in me' that does that MOST of the time.. It's good sometimes.. and at times it just kills me.. or maybe its not really about pleasing people around me.. it's about making me look good.. but does it really work? Again.. sometimes. 

I want to start new.. maybe this is a START..